Senin, 12 November 2012


       When the tourists visit the northern part of Bali, they just tend to visit Lovina Beach that provides beautiful panorama of beach and with dolphin attraction. But they also can enjoy the other attractive tourist attractions, such as waterfalls. Buleleng may be called a paradise for waterfalls. The deep inlets of the forests within this District, which covers an area of 1,300 square kilometer, are littered with waterfalls. Some of these sites attract many visitors, while others remain untouched because they are difficult to reach.
       The holiday in north Bali is not complete without visiting a beautiful tourism object that is located in Sekumpul village, Sawan, Buleleng. This tourism object actually called Sekumpul waterfall. Sekumpul in the local language means "collection" or "group". The name "Sekumpul" was given to a group of waterfalls located in Buleleng. It has beautiful panorama of 7 points waterfalls. They lay hidden in the middle of unspoiled forest. Sekumpul waterfall scenery is fantastic. 3 main waterfalls in sekumpul waterfall looks like water poured into a container, fascinate for anyone who saw it. So also with the surrounding landscape. Shades of green mountains surrounding the sekumpul waterfall give an aura of coolness for anyone who comes into sekumpul waterfall. The visitors can enjoy the natural sensation of the waterfalls complete with the magnificent landscape around the village. They also can enjoy the great rice field view along the road to the waterfalls.
       This tourism object has complete facilities. The visitors can buy foods in the small restaurant near the road to the Sekumpul Waterfall. It is an interesting place for the people who love fishing, because there provides a fishing pool beside the small restaurant. They can fish beside the pond while enjoying the beautiful panorama of the village.  It is an appropriate place for the people who love tracking because it provides some tracking areas. There two kinds of trekking area such as short route and long route. The long of short route is about 1 km and 3 km for the long route.
        Sekumpul waterfall surrounded by towering trees, clove, coffee and vanilla tree. Sounds of birds heard everywhere, It makes the situation in this place is so peaceful. It is regarded as the most beautiful waterfall in Bali

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